Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger

Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger is one cheeky, sneaky little tool that runs silently in the background every now and then when a software crashes on your system. Most people do not even know that it exists. If you are especially a novice, chances are that either you still do not know about it, or you have just come to know of its existence. To be honest, most people do not even know that it exists until they see the error that reads “Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem”. Well since you do not really see that very often – this goes to show how stable this little bugger – we mean debugger is.

First things first, we would like to make it clear that this is in no way a virus – yes, Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger is not a virus, a spyware or a malware. Although many websites and even a few antiviruses (with their weird virus definitions), mark or label it as a virus – where in reality it is not. Most people even try to go ahead and uninstall it from the Add / Remove Programs utility – although it is nowhere to be found in there.

The next question they come up with is – How did it end up on my computer, and how can I remove it? The answer to that one is simple – You do not need to remove it as it is not harmful at all. If anything at all, it is a useful utility. As to when did it get installed? – Well, you did not install it; it has been there since day 1!

So, what exactly is Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger? Like the name suggests it is a Debugger, in fact a Postmortem Debugger. It is a debugger included by Microsoft that performs a Postmortem on the application that just died – or well crashed. It runs a Postmortem to try and diagnose the reason due to which the application crashed.

It creates a detailed report which states the cause or the most probable cause of the application crashing. Now, it should be noted that Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger might not be a utility that useful for the end user. It rather, proves useful to Microsoft Tech support as the report is usually in hex and can be understood by Microsoft.

All in all, it is a great utility featured in Windows by Microsoft to ensure that our applications keep running smoothly and thus ensures the stability of our Windows Operating System in the long term.


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