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Apple executive succession plan

An Apple shareholder has proposed to the company to disclose a succession plan for the position of CEO, proposal that now has find supporters in an influential investor advisory group. ... Continue Reading →

Home entertainment division sunk

Until recently, the young executives with high expectations and ambitious, who worked for the six major film studios, had to make quite some maneuvers to enter the market of home entertainment ... Continue Reading →

Windows Home Server 2011 is the former Vail

From quite a few months ago, the Microsoft Company has made the announcement that Vail will be known from now on as the Windows Home Server 2011. Plus, the Drive Extender functionality ... Continue Reading →

LG Optimus Pad coming to MWC 2011

A few days from now, we will expect to hear at the famous Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, what will be the announcement made by the LG Company. Even though the T-Mobile G-Slate ... Continue Reading →

Verizon breaks sales record

We have managed to find out that the iPhone 4 preorders managed to break all of the first day sales record for Verizon. And we have to mention that this happened in only two hours ... Continue Reading →

US Senator concerned about domain seizures

After watching the news regarding to the third stage of counterfeit and piracy related domain seizures which took place in the past seven months, the US Senator called Ron Wyden has ... Continue Reading →

Google’s new Android Market Web Store

No one can beat Apple when it comes to the world of mobile, though Google has been trying really hard to keep up the pace for quite some time now. It is time for them to shape up their ... Continue Reading →

Bing switching to IPv6

The Microsoft search engine is one of the major Web sites that have embraced the coming of the IPv6 standard, in an attempt to make the Internet an even more spacious and vast concept. ... Continue Reading →

Call of Duty: Black Ops top Xbox Live of 2010

All the sales records have been knocked down just a couple of days after the launch of the Call of Duty: Black Ops, which exceed the expectations of most of us, and probably the producers’ ... Continue Reading →

Improvement for USPTO

No one can say that Microsoft does not know about getting patents, as they have over 25,000 so far. However, Brad Smith, the Senior VP and General Counsel, and Horacio Guitierrez the ... Continue Reading →