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Samsung’s Galaxy Tablets sales were ‘smooth’ not ‘small’

It seems that anyone can make a mistake, even the famous Wall Street Journal, who can probably say ‘whoops’ after its mistake regarding a quote. Yesterday the popular newspaper ... Continue Reading →

No more e-books on Apple

Apple is seriously clamping down on the downloaded content of apps, all through its App Store. The heads of the company are very strict, and have decided not to allow their developers ... Continue Reading →

10 Weird Ebay Auction Items

I have discovered people would sell anything to make a quick buck, even their own grandmother if they could! I was very shocked when looking at what kind of things people had up for ... Continue Reading →

eBay win over Microsoft

Microsoft is going through a rough time regarding its Human Resources department. Another departure left the company without their principal development manager, responsible for the ... Continue Reading →

Switch from IPv4 to IPv6

Internet plumbing, as we all know it, is about to come to an end. Yesterday, a major step was made to accomplish this. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, or in short IANA, allocated ... Continue Reading →

Yahoo! Mail issues on Windows Phone 7

The Microsoft software de constructor (self-proclaimed), Rafael Rivera seems to have found the reason why some devices using the Windows Phone 7 application are stumbling across too ... Continue Reading →

aXXo also shut down by MPAA

After the news of the 12 sites shut down in the USA by MPAA with the help of the Dutch at BREIN, another 39 websites have been shut down after a tip given by MPAA. These sites were ... Continue Reading →

P2P owner in Paris for trial

The P2P file sharing site, which has been active for over five years, is facing problems. Vincent Valade, the owner of the website, is now in Paris, France, where he is facing a trial. ... Continue Reading →

Piracy vs Copyrights

For many years, the war against the online piracy has been stalled and steamed at low levels. Now, the advent of Napster, together with its predecessors, a response from the entertainment ... Continue Reading →

Top ten movies on BitTorrent

There are many BitTorrent downloaded movies every week, but which are the most downloaded films on BitTorrent? Let’s see the top ten most popular films of the week. The tenth most ... Continue Reading →