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Hacker gets away with exploiting Google Chrome

On Friday Google’s browser Chrome became the victim of a zero-day attack. A teenage hacker, who called himself ‘PinkiePie’ claimed its responsibility; it was a third such attack ... Continue Reading →

“One Night in Paris” scandal continues

843 BitTorrent users are not in their best right now. The users have been sued in the scandal of the Paris Hilton sex tape, entitled “One Night in Paris”. Millions of dollars in ... Continue Reading →
intel sandy bridge official details

Sandy Bridge Architecture Details and Processors

Whenever Intel comes out with a brand new architecture for its next generation of processors, the whole computer fraternity gets excited. The launch of the “Sandy Bridge” family ... Continue Reading →

5 Tips To Better Organize Your Files & Folders In Mac

Most computer users of the new age might find it unimaginable to live in a time when computer hard disks used to have a few megabytes of storage space. But with the enhancement of technology, ... Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Your PC From Crashes

Our computer or laptop is something that we can’t imagine our life without. We have all had those moments when the computer refuses to start up, or we are welcomed by a blue screen ... Continue Reading →
Top 5 Best Antivirus for Android Phone and secure prevent

Top 5 Free Antivirus For Android Phone

With over 40% phones using Android, it has become one of the most demanded and multi featured operating system in the cellular world. However, like any other operating system android ... Continue Reading →

The Basics Of Cloud Computing

We have been hearing about something called “cloud computing” being the next big thing in the technology industry. The stalwarts have been talking about it at conventions and tech ... Continue Reading →

Building Custom Tabs on Facebook

Facebook is not only ushering its name as a social easy to use networking site but also becoming popular amongst users by changing interfaces and also adding authenticated, useful and ... Continue Reading →

How To Copy Files Lager Than 3 GB Into A Flash Drive At Super Speeds

If you own a flash drive with capacity higher than 3 GB, then you must have wondered about the method of enabling the copying of files that are larger than 3 GB into a flash drive. It ... Continue Reading →

10 Best GPS Navigation Systems for Your Vehicle

GPS- global positioning system, never lets you get lost even if you wish to. With vehicles now equipped with GPS for not only tracing the existing paths but for discovering new, there ... Continue Reading →