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Nexus updated

We have hearing all kinds of things about the Nexus S’ Android 2.3.3 update and how it will be adding a yellow tint to the screen. As it appears it will also be washing out its colors, ... Continue Reading →

Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan

We have some interesting things to report to you regarding the Nintendo 3DS. From what we have been able to find out, the game had quite the solid launch in Japan, as the company said ... Continue Reading →

Archos Arnova tablets hit the bargain bin

It is a common known fact that the brand known as Archos provides fairly cheap tablets, however it seems that the company in question is now considering going after an even less expensive ... Continue Reading →

Anti-pirates stole $138,000

We have been able to find out that the owner of the servers that prior housed a big warez website has made the decision of speaking out. This happened just after seizing equipment ... Continue Reading →

ChaCha sues HTC

As you may know by now, there were some rumors regarding Facebook phone. After this HTC gave a response to the question that no one had ever asked by bringing to light a phone with ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s budget-friendly Lifecam

We really believe that there are many of you out there that  would really enjoy having the 1080 LifeCam Studion, still they more than likely do not desire or cannot afford to spend ... Continue Reading →

Online tools, bad for reality shows

The producers of reality shows, including “The Amazing Race”, have little to worry about, except for the TAR Detectives, who tend to cause too big and too many headaches. There ... Continue Reading →

Answers site redesigned by Microsoft

Microsoft has made plans to redesign the Answers site, which has the role of giving the users the place to seek out support for their services and products. Microsoft stated that it ... Continue Reading →

Gmail gives prioprity to Priority Inbox feature

Google has made an important decision these days, that to give more priority to the Priority Inbox. The statement was made recently, during the Inbox Love event, where Paul McDonald, ... Continue Reading →

Verizon CEO announced highest sales ever for iPhone 4

Daniel S. Mead, the CEO of Verizon Wireless, gave an interview recently, as he could not bear the rumors that had spread around, according to which the sales of the new iPhone 4 were ... Continue Reading →